The solid green patch of land gives one an artistic impression upon the fruitfulness of the piece of land, Aagam 999 is to be born at. This selected tract of land was selected out of many after careful scrutiny and minute observations. Aagam 999 creates a synergy of the elemental forces of the world which crafts an aesthetic enchantment that resonates the untouched purity and life giving quality of nature. Needless to say, we stumbled upon serenity and harmony residing together on this land, as we at Aagam Group strive to make this project a remarkable wonder.

Aagam 999 is a concept envisaged to create a mini-world with a many-first, which mark a significant change in the way residential schemes are conceptualized. Aagam 999 comes with India's first Artificial Desert with A.C. tents, Tree houses and Observation Tower of 30 Feet with a 20 people sitting area on top that gives a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view of the entire surrounding landscape. Also the grand landscape, majestic entrance lined with palm trees and sculptured artifacts invite you to own your own piece of land, your own little piece of heaven.

The 9 stanzas of Navkar Mantra in Jainism The number 9 is revered in Hinduism and considered a complete, perfected and divine number because it represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system, which originated from the Indian subcontinent as early as 3000 BC. Important Buddhist rituals revolve around 9 monks 9, as the highest single-digit number symbolizes completeness in the Bahai Faith. The 9th month of Ramadan. The 9 muses of Greek mythology. The number 9 represents the dragon in ancient Chinese culture. 9 planets. 9 months to life.

Aagam 999 represents the earthly and heavenly treasures that cherish human establishments and our aim to create a piece of land that gives a fitting tribute to our ancient royal heritage.


Artificial Desert

A never seen before artificial Desert created with white beach sand and crushed marble powder to give a glint in the spectacled moonlight at Aagam 999.


Watch the sun slowly setting down, giving way to the night moon as you sit in this lavish Desert lounge munching on dates on a reclining bed.

Tree House

Giving you an earthly and primitive, yet luxurious and modern feel as you sip a cup of coffee on the verandah of your Tree House, as the rains blanket the green landscape.

Mini-Golf Course

A limited, yet well defined mini golf course that tests the ability of golfing on a normative scale.


A world class Mini Theater equipped with comfort chairs, large podium, giant screen and sound proofing to make sure you don't lose out on watching super flicks as you enter Aagam 999.

Children's Play Area

A landscaped garden to make kids laugh and frolic around in the scenic landscape surrounded by well-crafted toys.

Club House

A club house complete with a fully equipped Gym, Pool table and a table tennis setup.

Tennis Court

A Tennis court of world class level to get your muscles flexing as you challenge your opponent on the turf of Aagam 999.

Spanish Gazebo

A comfortable yet elegant Spanish style sitting zone to have your picnic lunch or just sit and chat with family members as the kids play around in the landscaped gardens.

Swimming Pool

A Tennis court of world class level to get your muscles flexing as you challenge your opponent on the turf of Aagam 999.


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